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Transforming air cargo transportation

Our Story

Windracers was conceived to provide essential logistical support to humanitarian agencies looking to sustain communities through emergencies where transportation links are poor.  Our solution was designed to provide a robust, cost-effective alternative to expensive, crewed aviation for reaching local and remote villages quickly and effectively.

Our essential logistics platform and solution has emerged at the forefront of uncrewed, autonomous aviation and its application and utility is relevant to a wide range of sectors and situations.

Our Mission

To lead the next generation of air transportation through the creation and realisation of autonomous drones. Windracers delivers essential logistics and monitoring to the people and places that need them on time, every time, anywhere.

Our Philosophy

Delivering what matters to people when and where they need it.

Focus on cargo drones that simplifies the important middle mile within logistics supply chain.

To be the best value end-to-end cargo drone solution in the market.

Focus on safety, reliability, ease and value.

Our Name and Logo

Windracers is a Norse Kenning (or figure of speech) for horses. Sleipnir was the legendary eight-legged horse ridden by Odin – considered the best of all horses.

Our partnerships

Educational institutions

University of Southampton

Windracers ULTRA platform was developed in collaboration with a team at the University of Southampton.

University of Bristol & University of Sheffield

Working together to develop a live demonstration of how the Windracers ULTRA and Swarm technologies can be used for environmental purposes such as detecting wildfires and gathering data in Antarctica.

Funding partners

UKRI Funding

Windracers has won a third round of successful funding from the Future Flight challenge at UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to conduct further rigorous testing of its middle mile logistics drones and high-reliability autopilot technology.

Cornwall Dev Partners

Funding from Aerospace Cornwall will enable the development of the ULTRA drone to further the capacity and accelerate the use of drone delivery for global development.