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Defence Solutions

Supply and logistics support for defence

Our Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) drones provide the capability to deliver essential security and defence logistics to where they are needed most.

W Autonomous Systems’ (WAS) drones are more cost-effective and more reliable when moving essential payloads to remote or difficult locations, without compromising safety and reliability.

Our configurable solution makes adaption, operation and maintenance easy and cost-effective, both on land and sea. WAS is one of two autonomous drone companies awarded in the Royal Navy Heavy Lift Challenge Phase 1 and has delivered Phase 2.

We offer the right level of logistical support, with a payload size and flight distance that simplifies the logistics challenges experienced by the defence and security sectors.

WAS drones are small enough to be flexible and responsive with a big enough payload to make a difference.

Our Organisation

Combining the best of aviation technology, logistics and commercial expertise to deliver essential logistics, the next evolution of the air transportation industry.