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Humanitarian Assistance Solutions

Providing humanitarian assistance to sustain life in extreme emergencies

Windracers are dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of global food insecurity. With a projected 345.2 million people facing food insecurity in 2023 and over 900,000 individuals surviving in famine-like conditions worldwide, immediate action is crucial*.

The current methods for distributing humanitarian assistance are both costly and ineffective. Lack of existing transport infrastructure and security concerns make road transportation difficult, while the current use of large jets or helicopters incurs significant expense.

Windracers autonomous drones provide a more efficient and cost-effective approach to emergency assistance, optimizing resource utilization to deliver maximum benefit to the people who need it the most.

*Acute Food Security Classification, IPC, 2021-2023

From the warehouse to the village, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Helicopter Trucks Other Drones Windracers
Payload 100kg
Distance 1000km
Cost effective logistics
Efficient point-to-point

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