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Masterless™: Setting the new standard in autonomous drone avionics

Leaders in high-reliability flight control solutions for drone platforms.

Designed and built in the UK, our autopilot system utilises Masterless control technology to bring unparalleled levels of safety to any platform.

Our cloud-based Distributed Control software maintains connection to the platform from any location.

Our software provides BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) control to any platform using Masterless technology.

Our hardware has been certified to IP68 and our team is IPC trained and registered.

We are setting new standards in drone and UAV regulation in the areas of air risk, airworthiness and technical competence.

Essential Autopilot Technology

Certified flight control systems are extremely complex and uneconomic for drone applications. The alternatives available failed to meet our exacting standards for cargo drone logistics.

The challenge our design team faced was to create an affordable and extremely robust flight control solution that adhered to our Zero Single Point of Failure philosophy.

We created Masterless – an entirely new architecture developed and patented by Windracers that provides best in class autopilot technology for drones and UAVs.

Masterless is a full stack avionics solution that delivers smart connectivity and data systems.

Masterless– Zero Single Point of Failure philosophy

Masterless architecture is a unique flight control system built for safety and reliability. It is designed to be robust to flight control unit failures, as well as sensor failures, meaning that no individual flight computer is controlling the vehicle.

This has been achieved by developing the concept of “resources” and a multiple redundant triple layer Masterless flight control system. A dedicated flight control bus distributes messages associated with safety and time critical functions.

Masterless control means that no individual flight computer is directly controlling the aircraft and that a failure of one of the 3 flight control computers has no impact on continued safe operation.