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World-class Avionics and Autopilot System

Integration Support

Our engineers will take you through every step in getting your platform fitted with an autopilot. We have experience in working with all types of aircraft (Fixed-Wing, eVTOL, Multi-Rotor, Hybrid).

Zero Single Point of Failure

Windracers patented Masterless control technology ensures class-leading levels of system robustness.

Distributed Control

Our optional ground control system features a unique network-based approach, eradicating the need to install software on multiple devices and allowing you to control the autopilot from anywhere in the world.

Fully Modular

Configure the entire system to your exact needs, tailored to your platform’s requirements. You can extend the capability of your autopilot system at any point with our plug and play design.

Approved Training

Windracers offer a wide range of training programmes to get you operating as quickly as possible.

Web APIs

Windracers offer a set of standard web APIs to enable rapid integration with your autopilot either on-board the platform or over the internet.