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Monitoring and supporting research and emergency response

Wildfire monitoring & mapping

Forest fires are becoming increasingly frequent and intense around the world, posing a significant threat to both the environment and human lives. These fires are a major source of carbon emissions, contributing to the issue of global warming. To combat this challenge, Windracers’ drones have a range of capabilities that can greatly enhance the response.

Equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technologies, Windracers’ drones can provide comprehensive surveillance coverage and real-time data on the spread and intensity of wildfires. This information is vital for accurate decision-making and effective deployment of resources.

Monitoring and supporting climate research in Antarctica

Windracers are proud to partner with, and support, British Antarctic Survey in January 2024.

The ULTRA platform will be used to gather new and a broader range of science data in an effective, lower-carbon, lower cost manner than traditional crewed aviation. The expedition will monitor and measure the impact of climate change on our environment, including ice thickness measurement, marine and mammal life.

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