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Supply and Logistics Support for Defence

Our STOL drones provide the capability to deliver essential security and defence logistics to where they are needed most.

Simply more cost-effective and more reliable when moving essential payloads to remote or difficult locations, without compromising on safety and reliability.

We offer the right level of logistical support, with a payload size and flight distance that simplifies the logistics challenges experienced by the defence and security sectors.

W Autonomous Systems is part of Windracers Group.

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WAS drones are small enough to be flexible and responsive with a big enough payload to make a difference.

More Reliable

High fly time utilization, even in difficult conditions and to hard to reach places.

More Cost-Effective

A highly affordable air transportation solution, both to operate and to scale.

More Accessible

STOL performance with the ability to operate on uneven terrain.

Faster Turnaround

Easy and efficient to load and unload making point-to-point logistics faster.