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Our vision was to develop a robust and cost-effective STOL drone capable of addressing the challenging logistical problems associated with delivering essential items and material efficiently to people who needed them in hard to reach or difficult places.

The WAS platform is a twin-engine light alloy twin boom aircraft capable of carrying a payload of 100 kg up to 1000 km, designed in line with our Zero Single Point of Failure philosophy to ensure that, where possible, risks have been rigorously eliminated including avionics, communications and ground control.

Key features

1 Distance Up to 1,000 km
2 Payload Up to 100 kg
3 Internal payload 700 L volume
4 Take off and landing 150 m in any direction
5 Structural materials 95% aluminum
6 Control surfaces 24 interchangeable control surfaces
7 Engine 2 twin stroke engines
8 CO2 output 30% of CO2 output per Kilo of payload
(in comparison to twin prop light aircraft)
9 Empty weight 300 kg
10 Maximum take-off weight 450 kg
11 Cruise speed 135 km/h
12 Take-off and landing 200 m (no wind)
13 Nominal endurance 12 + hours
14 Electrical power 350 W
15 Runway Dirt, grass, tarmac and ice



Masterless™ is an entirely new architecture that has been developed and patented by Distributed Avionics, providing best in class autopilot technology for drones in the world.

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