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Service + Air Vehicle + Autopilot

Delivering essential logistics anywhere and everywhere, anytime, every time.


A service experience that makes point to point operation and maintenance easy and cost effective.

Air Vehicle

A robust platform that delivers at a meaningful payload scale (up to 100kg) and distance (up to 1000km) reliably and cost effectively.


A ground-breaking autopilot system with a single-minded focus on safety and reliability.

Automating air mail & parcel drones

More reliable
High fly time utilization, even in difficult conditions and to hard to reach places.

More sustainable
30% more fuel efficient per kg of payload.

More cost effective
A highly affordable air transportation solution, both to operate and to scale.

More accessible Short takeoff and landing distances makes delivery possible to existing local mail hubs.

Faster turnaround Easy and efficient to load and unload making point to point delivery faster.

Essential Logistics

Simplifying the middle mile to deliver the next generation of air cargo & transportation.

Customer/end user philosophy
Delivering what matters to people when and where they need it.

Market philosophy
Focus on cargo drones that simplify the important middle mile within logistics supply chain.

Commercial philosophy
To be the best value end-to-end cargo drone solution in the market.

Design philosophy
Focus on Safety, Reliability, Ease and Value.